Ayesha Takia-What is her Boobs size?

Meet the Hot Bollywood babe, Ayesha Takia.
She is bubbly, cute and of course gifted with voluptuous figure.
No doubt she has all the weapons in her arsenal to tease a man.
For a long time her boobs have been her trademarks. Catching every man’s mind and of course eyes.
Due to them she became a dream queen of the male audience.


Are they Real?

First question: Are they Real or Fake?
They are FAKE. They look great, but the reality is they are fake.
Many people didn’t know this until recently when she declared that is she is getting rid of them.

Ayesha Takia_322_wm

How BIG are they?

Ayesha Takia’s figure measurement is: 40-32-34. So they are 40 and also
her bra size is 40.

Is Ayesha Takia’s fame is only due to her Boobs?

Well, that’s a hard question to answer. But the reality is her success and fame is the result of both: We mean her great body and her great acting skills, which is often get not noticed!!!
The girl not only own a sexy figure but also appreciated and awarded (including film fare) for her acting.

Ayesha Takia_270_wm

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